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Damn it, Avex.

So I really wanted to share a song but, er,

  1. The full thing isn’t on youtube due to copyright mish-mash that tends to frazzle my brain
  2. I’m not paying for an upgrade to host audio files on here.

See, this is why tumblr is so much better than wordpress.


Tohoshinki (a.k.a Dong Bang Shin Ki, TVXQ!, DBSK) – I Think U Know is one of the new songs from their latest Japanese release, Tone. My mind is usually blown when Korean groups release songs in Japanese (mostly because I get so used to certain sounds) but this song is one of the best Japanese songs I’ve ever heard. It’s on iTunes for a delightfully cheap £0.79 so if you have money to burn and are all for broadening your musical horizons, go forth and splurge – it’s a damn sight cheaper than ordering the album and having it shipped where it’ll cost anything from $15 + shipping, all dependent on what kind of album you get (Korea/Japan package their albums amazingly. I’ll photograph my collection for you one day).

RE: I Think U Know, say what you like about auto-tune but when it’s used properly, it’s fucking fantastic. The song itself sounds like something fron one of those random clubs you stagger into halfway through the night, blasting some kind of ultra funky techno-rocky dance beat. But in Japanese. Mind-puddings.

Preview it here: click.

Also, just a warning, but I am an avid kpop fan (this from the girl that used to be into pop punk, metal and 80’s goth… actually I still like that stuff, bring it) ergo it’s going to crop up on here a lot, no doubt.