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#5 Tate Liverpool – DLA Piper Series ‘This Is Sculpture’

Foregoing the Alice in Wonderland exhibit on the grounds of student poverty, I had a good wander around the Tate Liverpool today, perusing the (free) DLA Piper Series: This is Sculpture exhibition, spanning two floors.

I’m supposed to do a six word review of it all… but I thought I’d best give you, dear reader (whomever you may be), a little bit of background information first. Which is basically that paragraph above, so knock yourself out.

Also it seems I am forever bound to be unable to escape Carol Ann Duffy. Her name cropped up on the second floor of the exhibition and I tried very hard not to run out of the Tate cringing – after a mildly torturous AS Level English Literature year on her work and running around Manchester Metropolitan University’s main building hoping she wouldn’t show up in my poetry seminars, I try not to break out in hives every time she’s mentioned just because that first year of college was terrible.

Moving on, here’s my review of post-modern art – my six word review:

Colourfully bland juxtaposed, fragmented geometrics.

I tried to be clever with it but I’m not entirely sure it worked.