Hey, Student Finance!

And when you got problems, I got problems.

Okay, so, melodrama aside, I’ve spent a fair amount of time jotting in my writer’s journal these last few days. I’m not entirely sure what I’ve written but so long as I’m writing something.

My mum was watching me write in it last night and narrating it as I scribbled.

“Mum just went to the kitchen and grabbed a can of Vimto. She didn’t bring me anything back. Bitch.”

Rest assured, that was not what my scribbles were about (they were actually about how paint reminds me of weighing scales because she’s had a tub of magnolia paint on our scales for at least two years and has only just started to paint over the bathroom walls with it – who said procrastination was just for students?).

So far this blog post – and my last – have really been more like tangents but I have my next two ‘planned’ out. Sort of.

One is on the use of lexis and me feeling like an utter twonk when I overuse less conversational words in an attempt to validate my own intelligence and the second (or first, depending on which order I post them in) is a twee little opinion on fan-fiction. Yes, I went there. I’m not going to go further into it right now because, as Michael Ende tells us (hey, where are my fellow Beyond Books students?);

‘That, however, is another story and shall be told another time.’.



* pronounced ddobwayo/ttobwayo. According to my good Korean friend, this literally means ‘see you again’. Did I mention I was trying to teach myself Korean (and failing miserably)?


Just gonna sit here…

And wonder what I can write for an ‘introduction’ post that doesn’t make me feel like a pretentious prat. It’s a tough one.

It’s going to take me a while to get used to wordpress; it is so slow when it comes to typing/deleting/modifying font, etc. I’m a creature of habit so change is… although welcome, I’m very particular about it. Like when Twitter changed its layout, or when Tumblr did (oh, Tumblr, I miss you already) or – and everyone will know this one because it’s a bugger for doing it and it still does it – Facebook. The few rare times I sign back into Facebook, it seems as if there’s something new and terribly awkward to get used to.

Moving on from social networking sites, I suppose this particular space will be used for literary and critical reviews and perhaps even a little oasis for me to jot down ideas. My preferred website tends to get a bit manic but, though I could make an extra blog on there for me to attempt to reinvigorate my poor creative self, it would just be far too much hassle. At least here, I can keep things separate (and there’s no risk of me reblogging something pretentiously hipster or an internet meme to the wrong blog).

Who knows whether this post will stick around? I kind of want to creep on my fellow classmates’ pages first so that I know what I’m doing but I guess we’re all in the same boat and a little bit lost.

I’m out for now. Time to pack a bag so I can take my laundry home. Sorry, Mum.




As an aside, my computer really isn’t getting on very well with the wordpress dashboard.