Bare bones

Bare bones

Above is a link to the latest in my collection of blogs… (not including separationdrip here, I currently try to manage about three, though fortunately they’re not entirely serious endeavours, though posting updates to keep others in the loop is sometimes surprisingly draining).

I’ve never really posted my poetry before (save an early draft here on separationdrip a few months ago), but I figured I’d risk it! I’m only putting the bare bones up for now, the skeletal first drafts. Maybe I’ll flesh them out later when uni isn’t driving me to insomnia, or add some of my poetry portfolio drafts (usually in their fourth or fifth rewrite) once the assignment deadline is gone – because who wants to get in trouble for self-plagiarising?

But yes, there in the link lies the foundation blocks for some of my recent poetic adventures…

EDIT: WordPress didn’t put the link in correctly, so here it is -> click

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