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Work In Progress . . .

Making my way through a couple of assignments at the moment. Okay, a lot. There’s a lot of research and note-taking involved and I am s w a m p e d.

However! All going well, I should be able to post up a few reviews by the end of the month. With a little bit of luck.

I’m currently reading Haruki Murakami’s Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman and Sputnik Sweetheart; also been reading up on Norse Mythology in a copy of the Prose Edda a friend has lent me. Finished reading Murakami’s After Dark (whilst falling a little bit in love with Takahashi’s character), and Hitomi Kanehara’s Snakes and Earrings. I simply had to buy another copy of the latter seeing as mine’s been AWOL for about 3 years, and it’s one of my favourite novellas. It’s a quick read, so you can manage it in a half hour, up to two hours, depending on how quickly you read. I finished it on the train between uni and home earlier.

Sooo, yes, with any luck, I’ll post up a few reviews in a couple of weeks when the bulk of my work is out of the way. I also need to do my lesson plans for the creative writing workshops I’ll be doing with a class of year 5’s. I’m simultaneously terrified and excited; they’re going to eat me alive.

Edit! Waiting on a copy of Vampire Hunter D to arrive from America. I have to admit, it wasn’t the vampire thing that lured me in to wanting to read it, not at first. It’s mostly the fact that the illustrations to the book have been done by Yoshitaka Amano, one of my favourite illustrators and artists ever. He’s done a lot of work on the Final Fantasy games, and has also worked on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman: The Dream Hunters.

(Click through image for source)

His work is, quite simply, stunning.