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Check it out. A group of independent filmmakers are about to embark on a movie-making project which aims to blow the stereotype of the Asian-American as a model-minority out of the water; they’re calling it ‘a slasher movie with a message’.

I’m actually pretty interested to see where they take this. Your usual serial-killer movie is a white-American man with a speckled history and pressing psychological problems. White supremacy still reigns pretty much supreme in Hollywood (you only have to look at the backlash the recent ‘The Hunger Games’ film sparked when it cast actors a Nigerian actor and an African-American actress in the roles of Thresh and Rue, respectively).

‘This movie will make no apologies. It will push people’s buttons and make them squirm. It will make people angry, but hopefully it will also foster much needed debate about the state of the Asian American male in our society. This is a movie that has to be made, because there’s never been anything like it before.’

I’m hoping this does exactly what it says on the cover. Opening people’s eyes up to the implications of stereotyping and bullying (in any form) is only the first step and it’s one that, worldwide, people are struggling to take, even in this day and age.


A Brief Update

Goodness, I haven’t updated this thing in over a month.

I’m considering adding some music reviews to this though, to bulk it out a little. Maybe a few more film reviews. I’ve finally managed to pick up a book again for entertainment purposes (it feels like it’s been too long since I’ve done that and I’ve grabbed a copy of Anne Rice’s The Mummy) so I’ll probably do a quick review on that once I’m done.

As of this moment though, I’m busy studying up on game and narrative theory for a Beyond Books essay and putting off writing more poetry for my portfol— I mean, planning for my portfolio… Yeah…

That and I’ve decided to put in an application to go to China for three weeks with university for some experience in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. I really want to get in because the opportunity would just be absolutely fantastic, so… wish me luck?