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Just gonna sit here…

And wonder what I can write for an ‘introduction’ post that doesn’t make me feel like a pretentious prat. It’s a tough one.

It’s going to take me a while to get used to wordpress; it is so slow when it comes to typing/deleting/modifying font, etc. I’m a creature of habit so change is… although welcome, I’m very particular about it. Like when Twitter changed its layout, or when Tumblr did (oh, Tumblr, I miss you already) or – and everyone will know this one because it’s a bugger for doing it and it still does it – Facebook. The few rare times I sign back into Facebook, it seems as if there’s something new and terribly awkward to get used to.

Moving on from social networking sites, I suppose this particular space will be used for literary and critical reviews and perhaps even a little oasis for me to jot down ideas. My preferred website tends to get a bit manic but, though I could make an extra blog on there for me to attempt to reinvigorate my poor creative self, it would just be far too much hassle. At least here, I can keep things separate (and there’s no risk of me reblogging something pretentiously hipster or an internet meme to the wrong blog).

Who knows whether this post will stick around? I kind of want to creep on my fellow classmates’ pages first so that I know what I’m doing but I guess we’re all in the same boat and a little bit lost.

I’m out for now. Time to pack a bag so I can take my laundry home. Sorry, Mum.




As an aside, my computer really isn’t getting on very well with the wordpress dashboard.